Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Guest Appearance

This week I met the famous Paige! Paige and Lou met when they were in 7th grade, and they've been friends ever since. I've heard so much about her, and I'm very glad I finally got to meet her! She still has that bit of spunk, which I'm sure provided Lou with much laughter and many adventures back in the day! Here are a couple of pictures from her recent visit to the big city of Houston.

Thanks for the Marble Slab, Paige! It was great both times!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year! Or is it Christmas?

On New Year's Eve, we went up to Dallas and celebrated Christmas with the Hervey's. We had a great time! - Who couldn't have a great time with a nephew like this?

On Christmas morning, Taylor found this shirt in his stocking, and he said, "Oh good, I needed this! I really needed this!" He and I had fun playing with the "hair" that came as part of the wrapping of one of his presents.

Marcus had a good time, too, as long as he could crawl around.

And when he couldn't crawl around, he wasn't very happy about it!

Peter, Laura, Mom, and Dad seemed to have a great time, too!

The boys all got 20 Questions in their stockings, and they loved it! You should have seen the scene 5 minutes after this picture. They all had the game out of the box, and they were each deep in thought as they played the game!

Marcus is growing quite a bit, and he thinks he's quite a big boy, I guess, because he thought he could get down the stairs by himself! It's a good thing Jennifer was there to help him out! - She says that he'll topple off anything head-first, though!