Monday, July 29, 2013

Galveston - in Pictures

We spent a week in Galveston earlier this month. Many family members were able to join us, and we missed those who weren't there. We had a great time! In order to get all these pictures up here, I'm just going to put them up here! (So if you don't want to see a lot of pictures, don't bother scrolling down).

The highlights of the week: playing at the beach, cousin time, Kyle driving the golf cart, getting ice cream from the ice cream truck, watching our own fireworks, watching everyone's fireworks on July 4th, collecting shells, beautiful sunsets, playing the stool game, marching around to "You're a Grand Old Flag"

The low points of the week: some people getting stung by jelly fish, Jordan getting barbed by a sting ray -- OUCH, lots of people getting food poisoning

But overall, we had a wonderful time! Enjoy!