Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Beginnings

Along with the New Year, Laura and Matt are preparing for their new life together! The big day is August 7, 2010. In January I was able to go with Laura, her friend Chrystal, and Mom to look at wedding gowns for Laura. We took more pictures during this trip, but I can't reveal too much at this point, of course!!! So here are just a few. It was fun to be there!!!

Merry New Year!

Welcome to 2010! The Hervey's celebrated in style with our Christmas on New Year's Day! We had sausage freezies, cinnamon rolls, cider, and a great time being together!!

Here's Taylor on our Christmas morning. He's so excited!

Peter and Laura

Marcus - isn't he sweet?!!

Jennifer and Matt both got Wii Sports Resort!!

Mom and Dad having a good laugh!

Taylor having fun playing with his Legos

Dad with a cool eye thing that completely blocks out light and helps him sleep while lights are still on

Mom admiring her yard art

Look at these proud parents looking on as Marcus opens this present! I love this picture!

Since Jordan had to work over New Year's, I brought his Christmas presents home to him. Here he is ready to begin!

He got the same eye thing my dad got! (And it's great when he has to sleep during the day after work!)

And he got a Blu-Ray player! He's so happy about that!

He set it up...

...and he immediately tested it out!

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!

New Year's Eve

The Hervey Christmas traditions were postponed this year until New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. - That way most of our family could be there. (Jordan had to work, but everyone else was there). So on New Year's Eve we had our Christmas Eve party - complete with family, friends, good food, and White Elephant!

Mom, Julie, and Marshall (-with just a bit of food!!!)

An awesome White Elephant gift that was stolen a few times. (And it was awesome, too, since it was New Year's Eve!)

Marshall trying to "sell" me a very cute part of his gift!

Marcus trying on the Beverage Helmet - I'm not sure he likes it very much!

Peter got the dragon!!! And some Suave shampoo that was partially used!! (My dad reminded us that he received that same Suave previously in our White Elephant game, and he kept track of it all this time!!)

Julie was the perfect one to get this gift! It's a package of files, and the giver, Matt, obviously didn't use it; look at all that dust on the package!!! But Julie said she uses files when she makes jewelry!

Laura opened up a game of Skip-bo and claimed that it's a game for OLD people. Then Jennifer said, "Hey, I like that game!!!"

Mom having a good time looking on!

Birthday Celebration

On Jennifer's birthday, December 26th, we celebrated both her birthday and Grandmom's birthday! (Grandmom's birthday is just a few days after Jennifer's).

Jennifer and Marshall
Laura and Matt

Uncle Jack and Aunt Debbie
Uncle Gary and Aunt Carol

Grandmom and Mom

The boys got some cool remote-control helicopters from Jennifer for Christmas. We all had a good time flying them! Some people were brave enough to fly them in Grandmom's living room,

but I preferred to fly one outside! (What a side-view, huh?!! - Yikes!)

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day with the Cooper's was great - as always! Here are just a few pictures (-in my quest to catch up a little bit on here!)

Rebecca looking so happy when she opened up a beautiful necklace from Chris

Jordan - quite happy, too, with some new Oakleys

Lou laughing hysterically because she got a magnet that has a picture of a lady being held up. She's holding out her purse, but she says, "I don't have any money. I have children!" - Lou absolutely LOVED this!!!

Jon and Liz

Stephen in a new OR hat

Jordan having fun with Kyle, once again!