Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old State Capitol Building

After seeing the current capitol building and Mike the Tiger, we went home, had lunch, and Claire took a nap. We played a game, and when Claire woke up, we went to the old state capitol building. It has been turned into a museum. We got there about 30 minutes before closing time, so we had to rush through it. I would love to go there again when we have more time to enjoy it!

It looks like a castle, and it's across the street from the Mississippi River. Awesome!

The grand staircase

It's beautiful, inside and out! Just look at this ceiling!

Who is that in there???

Oh, it's Matt and Laura!
These big windows are in either the Senate chamber or the House chamber. (I don't remember).

Dad found a red spotlight and couldn't resist it!

We found a Chevron plaque, and Jordan proudly posed for a picture.

As we hurried through the exhibits, the only piece of information about these people that I got was that Sarah Morgan's (the girl figure here) ghost is thought to be in the building. I'll have to go back to get further details.

Jordan found a display on Earl K. Long, himself! Wow!

Dad loves a good desk.

There was quite a bit of space in the museum on Huey Long. One exhibit compared the good he did with the bad he did. I had to zoom right by it all, so I can't tell you anything that I learned.

But I do know that he was assassinated, and I did take the time to read this tidbit of information. The room with this plaque had the mournful dirge playing in it; it was neat to hear.

Claire liked seeing these hands!

At this point we were politely asked to leave the building because it was closing time. But we were able to get some pictures outside before they closed the grounds, too!

As we walked back to the cars, we stopped by some fountains. Claire had fun seeing them, and she also liked seeing some dogs that were nearby. (They and their owners had stopped at the fountains, too; there weren't just wild dogs roaming the streets of downtown Baton Rouge!)

When we reached the car, I couldn't help but stand in the middle of the road and take this picture of the current capitol building. The day seemed to have come full circle!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mike the Tiger

After leaving the Capitol Building, we ventured onto the LSU campus to see Mike. It was a bit muggy outside because it had rained that day, and Mike was hot.

All he wanted to do was snooze.
But we had other ideas for ourselves! We posed with the statue of Mike the Tiger.

And Claire looked at the water.

She also splashed in the water. She wanted to hang out there in the water, so she wasn't very agreeable when I took her away from the water. In fact, when I put her down again, she went right back to the water.

Claire also had a blast spinning with Aunt Laura! Spin, spin, spin!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Leaving the Capitol Building

On our way out, the demonstrators had left, so we were able to get a picture of all the native-born-Texans in our group on the Texas step! (Oh how I love and miss Texas! Just tonight Jordan and I were reminiscing about Los Cucos, Escalante's, El Jarrito, Los Tios, Lupe Tortilla, Rosa's,.......) Claire found the brochure more entertaining than the camera, though.

But sadly, (and I guess it's because I'm such a fan of Texas), I didn't think to get a picture of Jordan or my dad on the state-step of their birth. Oh well - there's always next time!

By this point, Claire was glad to be out of the stroller and free to walk around!!

She had fun touching the bushes.

And then she was off -- just swinging her arm.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Top

We snapped some great views from the top of the capitol building.

Capitol Lake and the Exxon Mobil plant

The Mississippi River

The bridge over the Mississippi River

The old building that used to house the weapons, (I think!!!)

The front lawn of the capitol building (It looks prettier with the azaleas in bloom!)

And we also got some pictures of the people at the top of the capitol building!

I showed Claire the moon, and she immediately pointed out the star.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inside the Capitol Building

Once we got inside, the noise from outside was muted, thankfully. We were able to enjoy looking around in a pleasant, quiet atmosphere.

This is on the floor in the middle of the lobby, but I don't remember ever noticing it before. I like it because it shows different crops, resources, etc. where they are found in Louisiana. For instance, you can see a diary cow where Shreveport is, and my dad grew up on a diary farm near Shreveport. It also has shrimp boats, oil derricks, animals, trees, and other items.

A sign for the Senate

And the room where the Senate meets

The room where the House meets

Claire was content with her juice and her goldfish. (All the goldfish are gone, you see. All that's left is the crackers. She LOVES the goldfish!)