Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun at Uncle Don's

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, my Uncle Don and Aunt Joyce invited their entire family to their new place in Centerville, TX. We spent the day there, and we had an absolute blast!!! It was great to see cousins, their kids, and other relatives whom we haven't seen in a really long time.

I thought for a (brief) moment that I might be putting too many pictures on this post, but I decided that it doesn't work like that. Life is about family. On this day, I got to spend the entire day with lots and lots of family! - And I want to share - and remember - the fun that we had that day! So here goes! (Sit back and relax!)

The Dick Hervey family, and friends, took a walk together down to the ponds at the edge of the property. Here we are on our way!

Marcus, Jennifer, and Jordan

Marcus enjoyed stopping to enjoy the scenery on the way. The scenery to him consisted of every pile of dirt he could dig in!

Taylor chose to be the watchman to warn everyone about the fresh pile of manure. Thanks, Taylor! We all kept our shoes clean, thanks to you!

The boys played football for a while. (They paused and posed for me, here). Taylor informed us that he was Tony Romo, Jordan was Marion Barber, and Marshall was TO!

Mom got in on some of the football fun, too!

Good throw!



Our cousin, Paige, caught up with us on our walk.

Back in the house, Marcus enjoyed a cookie - and was distracted by something much more exciting than a camera - with Laura and Mom.

These are my Dad's cousins, Jo and Rudolph.

Here are my cousin David and my Aunt Joyce.

We did a number of other activities throughout the day, too. Jordan and Matt, Laura's boyfriend, threw a baseball for a while. Jordan was showing off for the camera here, and he was successful this time...

... but he missed this one! Oops!

We started off with a small group throwing the frisbee, but soon we had lots of people in the circle! I just knew we'd play frisbee, and I'm so glad we did! I have many memories of playing frisbee at Don's house. Taylor did pretty well catching the frisbee with the alligator "snap!"

We also played tag outside! I have NO idea when I last played tag, but it was so much fun! Marshall, Jennifer, Taylor, Laura, Matt, Jordan, and I all played tag! (Note that only one of those people is a child who goes to recess on a regular basis!) We were all pretty tired afterwards, (except Taylor), but it was a blast!!!!

The more "serious" game that the older guys, (mostly!), played was 42. Here we have Peter, Dad, Uncle Don, and Uncle Hubert playing. This is also a game that has a high chance of being played when these Hervey guys get together.

Laura and Matt had a great time together!

Krish and Marshall

And here's the whole Dick Hervey clan. - What a great way to start the Holiday Season this year! Thanks, Don and Joyce, for letting us come and enjoy your new place! It's beautiful! We all had a great time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Tis the Season...

... So let's be jolly!!!
Let's work together to prevent a folly!

How in the world, you may ask,
Can you ever accomplish such a task?

Don't worry just yet,
There's no need to fret,

Just lend that helping hand
In any way that you can.

Share a smile, share a laugh,
Keep it simple, but make it last.

For if you warm one heart with yours,
The joy that is spread will surely open doors...

Doors of goodness, doors of love,
With warm feelings from up above!

(Note: Photos are courtesy of the 2007 Christmas file. Currently, the only Christmas decoration on display at our apartment is actually a doormat outside the front door!)