Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cute Stories

Since I changed my background from Christmas to Valentine's Day, I figured I should add a new post, since my last post was about Christmas Eve! I will not attempt to "catch up" on my posts from the holidays. I'll just pass along some cute stories.

I now work in the Primary at church. I help to teach the children between the ages of 3-11. Let me tell you, I'm learning as I go! But I'm really enjoying it. Here are some cute stories from the past few months in Primary.

Today the lesson was about our bodies being temples of God, so the teacher held up a picture of a temple and asked some questions about temples. He asked why they are special, why we go there, what we learn when we are there, and some other questions, too. When he asked what they look like, he was hoping for an answer about there being pretty flowers outside and that they are well-kept. One sweet child, though, answered that they look like a castle. I thought that was very sweet!

Last year, the week after Thanksgiving, a teacher welcomed the children to Primary and said that she hoped they all had a good Thanksgiving. Then, she said, "I'm really excited about the holiday that comes next! Does anyone know what comes next?" Practically ALL of the children in the room had their hand in the air; each was just hoping that he would be called on for the answer because they were all excited about it, too, of course. I mean, what child isn't excited about Christmas? The teacher called on a child, and he proudly answered, "Kawanza!" It made us all laugh, and the teacher said, "Well, that's not what I was looking for!"

And here's my last story. One day the teacher had a map on the board, and she was talking about children from all over the world. She told a story about two little boys from Mexico. She told another story about a child from another country, and then she started to tell a story about a child from Holland. She said, "Holland is very famous for a certain kind of flower. Does anyone know what kind of flower comes from Holland?" This time, not very many children raised their hand. The teacher called on someone, and he said, questioningly, "All-purpose flour?" The teacher explained that she was talking about a different kind of flower!

I am enjoying my time in Primary, and I am grateful that I get to learn from these young children and see their bright eyes and sweet smiles!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our family has a tradition of having a few families over on Christmas Eve every year. This year, (2008, since I'm a little late again), our Christmas Eve celebration actually happened on the 23rd, so Kelly could have her baby as scheduled on the 24th! (That's a pretty good reason to move our party!)

Betsy and Lenny were in town from California, Kelly, Derek, and their kids came, Vicki and Sarah came, and the Hervey's were there, too! (Jordan had to work, but he was able to come to Dallas on the real Christmas Eve).

The three big kids played together - or at least they played alone, together.

We had a great dinner!

Matt came, too! We're always happy to see him.

Marcus wandered around and checked everything out.

Sarah and Vicki

Betsy and Marshall

There were requests for piano playing, so we broke into song, too!

And then we played White Elephant, as usual. Sarah got a bird clock; it chirps on the hour!

I got a cake server that doubles as a high heel shoe!

We're so glad the Taylor's and the Kelly's spent "Christmas Eve" with us! We had a great time!