Monday, November 30, 2009

Wrap Up November

The end of November went something like this:

I spent a Saturday at Uncle Don's house. The kids had a great time playing together.

Aunt Sylvia and Jo looked through some pictures.
What a beautiful sunset!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving! We're dishing up a feast! I'm so thankful for my family, friends, freedom, and for fun, too! I love laughing!

I'm also grateful for family recipes that have been passed down. Here are the ingredients (add water, too) for Jordan's Grandma Polly's pie crust. I have benefited from Grandma Polly making it a number of times, but this year I got to make it myself! I must say it was quite simple; I was anticipating something that might be difficult, but it was not!

I forgot to take a picture of the balls of dough lined up on the wax paper, but here they are in bags. This recipe makes a lot, and it's great to freeze!

My Grandmother Hervey made a fantastic apple pie!!! I absolutely LOVE it! (And so do the rest of the Hervey's!!) I'm so happy that I got to make it this year! Here are some of the ingredients for the apple pie.

Now it's ready to go in the oven.
Doesn't that look good?!!
Dishing up the pie...
...and now let's chow down!
The whole clan!
Jordan and me
Jordan being silly - and me laughing (What's new?!)

Laura and me
Some Hervey's supporting the Aggies on Thanksgiving day. (Thanks to his brother, Chris, Jordan was able to go to this game! Too bad the Aggies lost).
Here's a field goal in action!
Moving on to Saturday: My birthday! I turned 28 on the 28th! We went out for lunch and had Mexican food! YUM!

Then we came home and had cake. YUM! YUM! (See the 28 in the candles?)
Taylor being a silly guy
The birthday card Taylor made for meMarcus enjoying his cake, (after his nap)

Marcus really going for his ice cream. (Who needs a spoon, anyway?)

Marcus writing with one huge pen
That sums up November! I'm so grateful for every day I have on this earth. I'm grateful for Jordan and that he loves me so much. I'm also grateful for this little girl inside of me. - I feel her kick and move around every day now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I got the ultrasound pictures scanned in! Here they are. (They look MUCH better in person!) Oh well! I like the top one on the right because you can see her nose, and it looks so cute! Also, the bottom picture on the right is a picture of her feet. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a ...

... GIRL!!!!

We're so excited! Jordan and I both thought the baby was a girl, and we were right! We just got back from the doctor, where I had an anatomy ultrasound. The baby's heart, organs, and bones all look normal. We're so thankful for that! And we got a pretty definitive look at the baby, so I don't think we'll be surprised with a different outcome at delivery!

I have some ultrasound pictures, but I don't have a scanner. So I'll try to find one, and then I'll put those pictures up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Look

I got a haircut this past week. I got the same cut I got earlier this year; it had just been a super long time since I got it cut! And I had a choir concert this week, so I strategically planned my haircut on the day of the concert so my hair would look good! :-) Here are some pictures of me after the concert.

And now here are some pictures where you can see that I'm pregnant! (The shadow from the flash makes it hard to distinguish where I stop and where the shadow begins!)

I'm definitely feeling - and looking - pregnant!

Shower for Emily

Also in October, I went to a baby shower for my cousin, Emily. She's having a girl, so she got lots of cute, pink things!

Also, since her son is 1 right now, and the baby is due in January, she got a stroller built for two!! I'm sure that will be very helpful to have!

Emily with her mom and her mother-in-law

Emily's grandmothers

Sisters - Ashley and Emily


In October I went to my aunt's house one afternoon and spent some time with her family. My cousin Emily, her husband, David, and their son Joshua were in town from overseas, so I was so happy to see them - as well as my aunt and uncle, my grandmom, and my other cousin, Ashley!

As usual, I took some pictures!

When I got my camera out, Joshua just sat there and posed for his very own photo-shoot!

Grandmom with her great-grandson

Joshua and David

I had a great time over there!