Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Mom!

I'm so grateful for my wonderful mother! She has done so much for me in my life, and she continues to do so much for me! I'm glad that I was able to see her yesterday in Austin for a few hours! I know I don't thank her enough for all that she did/does for me - and for the rest of the family - so thanks, Mom. Thanks for all of your love, your countless time, your incredible energy, and your caring attention to each of us!

We were in Dallas to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, and here are some pictures from that day.

Peter and Marcus having fun together!!

What a sweet family!

Look at the card that Jennifer got, (that's the back of someone's head), and then look at her expression! I'm thinking she doesn't want Marcus to get this haircut!


Here are some super-cute pictures of Marcus from earlier in the month.

I started playing the piano, and pretty soon Marcus joined me on the piano bench. We had fun playing together!

When Uncle Bando took his turn at the piano bench, things didn't go quite the same way......

I know Marshall and Jennifer are so proud to have such a sweet little boy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bando's Birthday - Dallas Style!

So I'm still getting caught up here. When we were in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, we went out to Fogo de Chao to celebrate Jordan's birthday. Jordan and Marshall both speak Portuguese, so we enjoyed listening to them chat with the servers a little bit.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Dad said he didn't have anything particularly "Brasilian" to wear, but he did have a shirt with peppers on it, so that's what he decided on!

When we got back home, Jordan found some more presents to open, and he was so excited to get a new driver! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

5K: The Faith Run

Mom, Laura, and I walked in a 5K last Saturday morning. It was "The Faith Run," in Flower Mound, and we had a good time. Here we are before the race.

And here we are after the race!

It was a fun way to spend time together during Mother's Day Weekend!

Outside Fun!

Last weekend, Jordan and I went to Dallas, and we had lots of fun! The fun began on Friday out in the yard. At different times and in different groupings, Taylor, Marshall, Laura, Peter, Jordan, and I played soccer and football.

Here is Dad with his nectarine tree that sustained some damage from a storm.

But those nectarines were still tasty!! Jordan showed Marcus how to blow on the nectarine,

and Marcus showed Jordan that he could do the same thing.

Marcus obviously thought that was pretty funny!!

After showing Marcus a few golf moves, Jordan let Marcus in on the fun! So Jordan helped him.....

.....and then he let him try on his own! - Watch out!!!

I went inside after this, but I heard that Jordan also let Taylor and Laura use his clubs. - And the inside scoop is that Laura has a much better golf swing than I do! (Way to go, Laura!!!)

Later on, Taylor caught some lightning bugs and put them in a jar. We all chuckled the next day when he informed everyone that the lightning bugs in the jar were "sleeping."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was Jordan's birthday!!! (And we had so much fun yesterday that I was too tired to make this post on his actual birthday!!)

The fun started bright and early yesterday morning when Jordan and I both got up to go play golf.

(Well, I just drove the cart, really, and Jordan played. That's why he's not in the driver's seat!)

We went to the Stephen F. Austin golf course, where we saw a woodpecker and many deer up close.

The fun gained momentum for lunch because we met Chris, Rebecca, and Steve-o at Brother's Pizza!

The golf theme continued throughout the afternoon as Jordan watched golf, and then it took on a more serious role when he decided he wanted to play golf again - that night!!! So he found a night-time golf course, and we all went along. The boys played golf...

...and had fun........

... while the girls just played!!!

I had a blast jumping out of the cart and clicking my heels, but I didn't notice that my phone fell out of my pocket. (You can see it on the ground in the picture!) Once I realized that I didn't have it, Rebecca and I spent a while looking for it. Finally, she solved the mystery by using the pictures as clues to figure out where we were on the course! Her detective skills led me straight to my phone!

Rebecca and I also had fun with the flags!!

I couldn't believe that we actually got Rebecca on a golf course!

After night golf, we went to the Outback for dinner. YUM!

Then the fun blasted over the top when Jordan blew out his candle,

opened presents,

read something obviously intriguing from Stephen and Mel,

and ate some strawberry pie!!!!

Considering the fact that Jordan got to play golf twice and watch golf, too, I think I can safely say that he had a pretty good birthday!