Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess What?

Jordan and I are going to have a baby!!! Yes, that's right! I'm pregnant! We are both so excited. The baby is due April 3, (just 6 days before my sister-in-law's baby is due! - What fun!) So far, I've had three doctor appointments, and I was able to have an ultrasound at the first one. (Sorry, I don't have a scanner to get the picture up here at this point). At the other two appointments, I heard the baby's heartbeat with a Doppler monitor. It really amazes me to hear that little heart beating! Next month we should be able to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty well, thanks to some fabulous medicine I have. I went shopping for maternity clothes with my mom this weekend, and today I wore a new pair of pants I got. - They make the day so much more enjoyable!!! The shirt I wore today shows that I'm pregnant, and some ladies told me how cute I looked. That was fun!

We are so excited!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pomegranates Galore!!!

This weekend Jordan and I went to Dallas to visit my family. While there, we were nearly up to our ears in pomegranates!!!

As my dad says, one of his passions is pomegranates. So here's a little timeline of pomegranates at the Hervey house!

We'll begin with trees already planted and fruit already being produced on the trees.

Next, we see a very happy dad with lots of pomegranates.

Then, there's a very silly dad having fun with pomegranates!

This is a typical event, I believe: Granddad and grandson out in the yard picking pomegranates together (- And this particular grandson can certainly eat his fair share of pomegranates!!)

Others accompany Dad on the pomegranate-picking trip

This guy found a big one!
All smiles with mega-pomegranate!

Back in the house, we see bowls and bowls of pomegranates that have already been picked.
Oh, and here's another bowl!

(Not pictured: Dad spending lots of time peeling pomegranates; he recommends peeling them under water in the sink if they are shooting juice everywhere).

Time to eat! Dad very kindly labeled each variety of pomegranate that was available for eating.

These pomegranates are arranged from the most sweet (on the left) to the most tart (on the right).

Also not pictured: Everyone enjoying the fruits of Dad's labors while snacking on the pomegranates!

Also not pictured: The other 8 varieties of pomegranates that are currently at the Hervey's Front Yard Orchard.

Also not pictured: The 32 pomegranates that Dad sent us home with! I'm so excited to have so many pomegranates to enjoy and share! Jordan already peeled three of them today, and we enjoyed them with dinner!

I hope you have enjoyed the pomegranate timeline. Special thanks goes to Dad for his pomegranate passion! May you also be inspired to share in this fantastic fall fruit!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lake Zurich

After walking around Old Town Zurich, Laura and I took a boat ride on Lake Zurich. Lake Zurich is big and beautiful!!! It was windy out there!

The white speck in the distance is a sailboat.

Laura and I had a great time talking during the relaxing boat ride!

A look back at Zurich
The boat we were on stopped at multiple stops around Lake Zurich and then headed back to our original point of departure. Many of the stops were simply lovely!

We saw some beautifully picturesque scenes.

I love the colored houses in the middle!

This looked like a fun place to swim, if the water was warm enough!

Laura spotted another damlation! (And she wasn't the only one watching it!)

We saw a number of clock towers, and it cracked us up that they were not synchronized. I guess I expected more from the famous Swiss clock-makers!!

After the boat ride, Laura and I headed back to the hotel, Laura got her things, and I went with her to the airport. She had to fly back to Madrid on Monday afternoon, but I stayed in Zurich that night. Tuesday morning, she and I both flew back across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Dallas. We were so happy to be back in America!

Overall, Laura and I definitely had an absolutely amazing trip! I'm so glad she studied in Spain and asked me to come meet her in Europe and travel around together! We had a wonderful time together! I'm so thankful to Mandi and Arnold for sharing their home, life, family, and love with me and also with Laura. It was great to interact with the wonderfully friendly Italians and to see the sights in Italy and Switzerland. Thanks for bearing with me as I have taken three and a half months to blog about this trip, (and almost nothing else in the meantime!) I'm thankful that Jordan supported me 100% to go on this trip and to enjoy myself. (It was hard enough being away from him for that long; I don't know that I could have done it if I didn't absolutely know that he supported me being there!) I look forward to the time when I can go back to Europe with Jordan! - That was one of the things that Laura and I talked about - what we wanted to see again with our husbands! Thanks, Laura! I had a blast!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Town Zurich

Monday morning, Laura and I got up and visited Old Town Zurich. We walked along a street very famous for its shops, and we saw some of the Old Town, as well. It was very nice.

There were huge flower pots all over town! They were all painted differently. (They reminded me of the cows in Chicago. Has anyone seen them?)
I took this picture in honor of Marshall. - I hope you enjoy it, Marsh!
The bread in these crates smelled delicious!! We bought some at the grocery store across from our hotel, and I was surprised at how hard the outside was. But the inside was nice and soft. It was very good!

Switzerland has more than one national language. Officially, from what I can tell, the four national languages are German, French, Italian, and Rumantsch. These pictures of the National Bank of Switzerland show that more than one language is commonplace.

These are some random buildings.

Of course, I was always thinking about Jordan. I have heard of accenture and UBS only because I sometimes watch the golf channel with him; these companies are frequent advertisers on the golf channel.

A bridge

Cool clocks - One of them has the largest clock face in the world!

This Coop City was all around town. The grocery store was Coop City, this department store was Coop City, and there was a bank that was Coop City, too!

This was my favorite find of the day! :-)

We enjoyed walking around this morning, even if we didn't have much purpose or information, since we didn't have any sort of travel guide for Zurich! - That was part of what made spending time here difficult. I concentrated so much on Italy that I pretty much ignored Zurich, and that was too bad. I am glad we got some advice the night before from the flight attendant, though. We enjoyed his suggestions.