Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Jordan got up with the kids and made me beignets and bacon this morning. YUM! I put up Christmas decorations and enjoyed the cold weather. Tonight Stephen, Mel, and family met us at Torchy’s for dinner. Delicious! We came back home for presents and dessert.

Evan: “We got you soap!”

Thanks, Evan! :-)

The packaging from my new perfume was a hit!

The kids gave me the present I would open next, and they kept trying to give me a certain card, but I had been instructed to open it last. I don’t know if they had a clue why I was so excited about it, since it was just a card. But I get to go on a trip to Dallas soon without any children! Thanks, Bando!

Then we had dessert. With fudge pie, apple pie, and Dayton’s birthday cake leftover from this week’s festivities, I didn’t think we needed to make another dessert for today. So I had some apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Perfect!

Dayton was super excited about dessert, too!

Thanksgiving - X2

On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Debbie and Jack’s house with family we haven’t seen in a while. It was wonderful!!! I’m so glad we could join them!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jordan’s working today, so the kids and I went to a potluck Thanksgiving at church for anyone who wanted to come. I had a nice time! I enjoyed being able to make a few dishes to share, and I also enjoyed not having to make everything!

The cousins were there, too!

And because I’m just now getting caught up on my blog posts, (so I didn't do this throughout the month), I’ll take a moment to share some things I’m thankful for.

  • Jordan - my supportive, loving, hard-working, devoted husband
  • Claire - my helpful, happy, sweet daughter
  • Dayton - my loving, game-playing, funny little boy
  • Jesus Christ - my Lord, Savior, and Redeemer
  • Optimism - my trait that helps me through good and bad times
  • Family - my parents, siblings, in-laws, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunt/uncles, grandparents…
  • Music - my passion, hobby, love, release, and relief
  • Faith - my belief that God loves me, knows me, and knows what’s best for me
  • Freedom - my ability to do as I please because of the sacrifices of so many
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Feathers & Bonnets

Claire participated in an Indian PowWow this week at school. 

Here she is, all decked out! 

And here she is a s a sweet little pilgrim, too!

Dayton’s Party

We celebrated Dayton’s birthday the day after his birthday and had family over for quesadillas, beans, and rice. That food was good, but

That food was good, but I think Dayton liked the cake even better!

He has practiced blowing out candles so many times (when we sing Happy Birthday with a fake cake and fake candles) that he’s a pro!

Then it was on to presents.

He threw the tissue paper up in the air and thought it was hilarious.

He has enjoyed playing with his new toys these past few days.

And now for some silly pictures. :-)

Happy Birthday, Dayton!

On Dayton’s actual birthday, we didn’t do much for him. Let me be clear. I didn’t do anything for him except sing Happy Birthday, (which he loves!) and tell him happy birthday. (Jordan was working, I had a lot of choir stuff for church that day, and Dayton was getting over being sick). Claire, on the other hand, made him a (pretend) birthday party complete with food, cookies, and presents. He loved it. - She’s so kind!

At age 2, Dayton's

  • weight is 30.9 pounds - 82nd %
  • length is 34.75 inches - 61st %
  • head circumference is 52 cm - > 99%.
He loves to climb, to grab my hand and show me what he wants, to eat (only) what he wants to eat, to do anything Claire does, to read Ten Apples Up on Top, to watch Mickey, to color, to play outside, and so much more. We love you, Dayton! Happy Birthday!

Centerville 2015

I love getting together with our family at my Uncle Don and Aunt Joyce’s house every year. It’s nice to see cousins and aunts & uncles whom I don’t see on a regular basis otherwise.

Many people gathered in the kitchen before lunch. 

Addie, Kelsie, Laurel, Claire, and Kash

Claire went outside with Marshall and Lilly and stayed out there for a while. I knew she was fine. After a while, Uncle Don asked me if I knew where my daughter was. I said, “Yes, she’s with Marshall and Lilly.” Nope, I was wrong. He told me she was bird watching with Uncle Hubert. I let some more time pass, and then I figured I should go check on her, so my mom and I started to take a walk. But as we were headed to the gate, Uncle Hubert and Claire were heading to the gate from the other side. Claire looked so happy! She told me all about how she had seen birds with Uncle Hubert, and how they had eaten some kind of Indian berry. They saw turkey vultures and black vultures, and if it hadn’t been so windy, Uncle Hubert’s bird-caller may have brought in some other birds, too.

Here, Uncle Hubert is reminding Claire what kind of berry they ate.

I’m so glad Claire could have this special time with my Uncle Hubert.

Aaron looked through the spotting scope.

Jo, Done, Dad, and Hubert

And here are the brothers: Don, Dick, and Hubert

The kids loved playing outside.

Sadly, Dayton had a fever that morning, so he and Jordan stayed home. I’m glad Claire and I were able to go and see everyone! Thanks, Don and Joyce!