Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Silly Fun

Random Fun:

Claire and Taylor playing Twister and jumping high enough to touch Taylor’s hand

Sweet smile from Dayton

Claire on a hot dog!

Hammocks under the table! They loved this. Jordan had the idea, and he also made a fort for them with blankets over the table. Great fun!

Dayton looking funny at Marcus’s birthday party!

Dayton after eating a s’more at Peter and Kelly’s house. We had to give him a bath before we could go home.

I went to Taylor’s band concert with Peter. They sounded great!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Adult-Only Austin!

My parents were wonderful enough to keep the kids while Jordan and I went to Austin for a weekend! We ate dinner Friday night at Foreign and Domestic. I had the most amazing pasta dish ever, and Jordan had a delicious fried chicken biscuit. Then we went to a movie!

Saturday morning we rented a canoe and rowed around on Lady Bird Lake. It was beautiful!

Then we went to the Texas State Cemetery, where Christopher Kyle is buried.

Jordan’s grandfather’s friend, George O’Brien, is also buried there. We paid him a visit, too.

I love all the flags.

And I love the fact that Texas road 165 runs right through it, too!

That afternoon we shopped in some cool stores, and then we ate dinner at a pizza place called Bufalina. We got the first pizza out of the Italian, wood-burning oven that night. It hit the spot!

Later that evening, we played the Escape Game. We escaped within the hour, and we solved the mystery of the missing artwork. We had a great time!

Sunday we didn’t have many plans. We slept in, we checked out of the hotel, and then we waited in a long line for La Barbecue - some Franklin-rivaling BBQ from a food truck. It was definitely worth the wait! Incredible!!!! I’d go back to get that brisket again!

Then we went to Sourdough’s to get some fresh, crazy donuts. Again, it was a good thing we didn’t have plans because we waited a LONG time. But the donuts were amazing! Jordan got the salty balls - cream cheese icing, salted butter caramel sauce, and dry roasted peanuts.

I got the dirty berry - fudge icing with grilled strawberries. And it had chocolate chips wherever there weren’t any strawberries. It was wonderful!!!

Then we headed back home. Little did I know that Jordan was being silly in our selfie. :-)

But we got a good picture, too.

It was so wonderful to relax and have a great weekend with Jordan. We had a blast! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the kids!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Claire received an award from her school for being an all-around great kid. :-)

Green Eggs...

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we had green eggs... for breakfast on March 2nd.

Outside with a Wheelbarrow

My parents have a child-size wheelbarrow. Claire and Dayton love to play with it. I think it’s cute!

Crazy Dayt

One night Dayton took off his pajamas before he went to sleep. They were zip-up, footed pajamas. And he took them off. Crazy Dayt.

Then there was that other night when I found him in the morning with no diaper on. In fact, he handed me his very dry diaper. That means he took his pj pants and his diaper off before he went to sleep. Crazy Dayt.

Kelly’s Baby Shower

I took just a few pictures at Kelly’s baby shower. Everything was beautiful. - Just look at that cake!

Grandma Griffin with Jo


There’s a new level of diaper cake these days, I guess. Check out the owl and the snail!

Grandmom Griffin, Debbie, and Jack came to Dallas so the ladies could attend the shower. Here’s the only other picture I took. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

FHE in a Tree

We had Family Home Evening one night in a tree, and Claire and Dayton absolutely loved it! Here we are in the lower level of the tree house. Family. It’s about time.