Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dayton - 23 Months

Almost 2 - wow! Here’s our little monster! I gave him his rhino, and he wanted his bear, too. He definitely loves that bear!

Dayton is saying all sorts of things these days. From colors and certain shapes (circle, star, heart) to chocolate, bread, and grapes, from jeans and shoes to school and stool, from shhhh and baby to bear and rhino - and much, much more.

He wakes up before 7:00am every day. Every. Day.

Dayton is still a mama’s boy. He’s feisty and sweet. He’s stubborn and he knows how to tell me he’s sorry. He eats a lot, but he’s very picky. We love you so much, Dayton!

Monday, October 12, 2015

More of Dayton

I took lots of pictures of Dayton recently because I was working on a project for him. (It’s an ABC book for him, but shhhh, it’s a surprise!)    ;-)    I think these pictures are blog-worthy, so enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Dayton had some fun seeing a baby a few weeks ago.

Don’t be fooled by this picture. Dayton’s not giving her a hug; he’s trying to pick her up.

See? Needless to say, he was unsuccessful.

He pointed out her eyes, (but thankfully he didn’t poke them out).

And then he smiled!

And he spun around, got dizzy, and fell down.

And here’s Rebecca - just because!