Saturday, August 18, 2012

Capitol Building - Again!

This morning we headed out for a quick trip to the Capitol Building. (It was quick because it was hot and humid!)

This time, Claire was interested in the "big pile of dirt under there!" - I love seeing what captures her attention as we continue to come here periodically! 

Our photo spot!

Yesterday marked two years since we moved here, and now we're starting to think about where we might be next.... Time will tell! And we'll visit the capitol building one more time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last week Jordan and I were in San Francisco! We had a blast! I'll get to posting about our trip at some point, but not yet. But in the meantime, I will show you the presents we brought back for Claire. I told her we had some presents for her, and she was very excited. When the time came for her to pull them out of the shopping bag, she "aaaaaaah"-ed in a very sweet voice at each thing she pulled out. It was cute!

In Chinatown, we found her a Korean style dress. And Jordan even knew that it's called a hanbok. (You can be proud of him, Chris, because the Chinese lady working there didn't know that!)

I also found a bracelet for her. She immediately wanted to put it all on, and I think it looks great! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old Friends, New Faces

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with my college roommate, Katie, while we both happened to be in Dallas at the same time. The one day we were both there (I flew in the night before and she drove away the morning after) just happened to be her birthday! So I brought over a bagel birthday breakfast. I also got to meet her sweet little boy. He is precious! And although Katie has met Claire before, it's been 2 years, so Claire has changed considerably! (See what I mean?)

I love these new faces we can add to our friendship! I'm so glad I got to meet Katie's little guy! And I'm happy to know that we will continue meeting up here and there in the future as we (possibly) add new faces to the mix!

Love her!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lessons: Olympics

I've been out of town, but now I'm back! During the first week of the Olympics, Claire and I had a couple of classes about the Olympics. She made a torch and some Olympic ring art.

I love how this turned out! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Playgroup Olympic Games

Yesterday morning we had our very own Playgroup Olympic Games! I was super excited about it, and it turned out great!

You need food at a party, right? Well, we had plenty!

We wore these gold medal donuts around our necks as we ate them!

We also had some fruit salad, but I didn't have a catchy name for that, so it went un-documented.

Let the games begin! We had races!

And they raced again! I just love how something as simple as "Run!" can be so thrilling to little kids. I've got a lot to learn from their sweet, simple joys! (But no, I don't plan on taking up running!)

This next picture is from Jane. I LOVE it!!!! 

Next up - the javelin throw. (I taped straws together to make the javelins).  The "throw it in the bucket" part of this event was actually more like "hit the bucket!"

The discus throw. (I love Halle's smile!)

Claire was snagging the Life Savers Olympic Rings the whole time! One time I looked up and saw that she was carrying the whole container in her hands!

Emily feeling her fast heart beat after running and running. 

This little park is right by our house, and Claire LOVES to run up and down this hill when we go there.  But during the Olympic Games, she had some friends to keep her company at the top!

Time to eat!

Baby Jack

The next event was the sidewalk jump. Amanda drew circles on the ground, and the kids jumped (or tried to jump -- or kind of tried to jump) from circle to circle.

Amanda with Jack


Finally, we had the water balloon target throw! (To keep them in check while everyone took turns, they were told to stand on the line and fold their arms. Too cute!)

At first, they threw the balloons.

Way to go, Hannah! 

Then the really wet fun began! 

Baby Katie with Baby Jack!

The chalk was entertaining for a while.

And then we remembered the balance beam!

To explain the shirt-less girls here - Claire wanted her shirt off because it was wet from the water balloons. Then Emily and Hannah wanted their shirts off, too. Halle kept hers on; she didn't get wet.

The medal ceremony! 

I sure am glad Claire has these fun friends to play with! And I'm glad the moms are such good friends, too! 

Halle and Jack - super sweet!

Jane and Julia (and Hannah, too!)

Claire loves all things baby, and her stuffed frog is affectionately named Baby Jack right now. (Before being named Jack, it was Baby Evan). So she asked to hold Jack. It must be fun to see the real deal when she mostly just pretends! 

And that wrapped up our little Olympic party! We had an absolute blast! I'll have to do this again sometime!