Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Year Older

My birthday is today! (Yes, it's my first 29th birthday!!) We celebrated last night before we came back home. We had country fried steak and mashed potatoes, (which is the classic home-cooked birthday meal for me and my siblings), and then we had some cake! Yum!!

Since there were no candles, Jordan improvised with matches. He lit all of them,

but only 2 were still burning by the time they all had been lit,
so I blew out those last two.

I got some very nice gifts. Thank you to everyone for them! I also celebrated with my family in Dallas before we went to Houston. Thanks for those gifts, too! Thank you for thinking of me and for helping me to have a good day(s) for my birthday!

Jordan went into Ann Taylor and was asked why he was there, since he was alone. He did a great job picking something out for me!

And here's the best gift of all: Sweet hugs and smiles with Claire!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Day!

Claire says...

Happy Turkey/Pumpkin Day!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

8 Months

What a Day of Thanks! I'm so, so thankful that Claire joined our home 8 months ago! These months have flown by, and they have been so fun. There are obvious ups and downs, but they are still so fun.

Claire has had a big week. She began sitting up on her own, (instead of propping herself up into her lounging position). She pulled up on the couch once. She began leaning to Mom when someone else is holding her and she wants to come to me. She discovered the fun of splashing and laughing in the tub. She also rolled over in the tub for the first time. And she crawled -- for a few {steps} -- a couple of times. I guess she's been loving the extra attention she's had from other family members, and she wanted to show off for them, too!

After her Thanksgiving meal of sweet potatoes, Claire is 19.5 pounds. She still LOVES to kick her feet. She kicks and kicks and kicks her feet! She can be perfectly happy just hanging out on the floor, kicking her feet. She gives kisses when we ask sometimes. She is often content to play on the floor with toys by herself. She is usually a very happy girl. She babbles and says "ma ma" and "da da," along with a few other syllables. She loves to "use her sniffer," as we say. She sleeps through the night only once or twice a week, (sometimes less). She often wakes up once a night. She is a good eater and is enjoying the solid food she's getting at this point. She wants to be near the action at home. If I'm making dinner, she wants to be in the kitchen with me. If I'm in my room, she wants to be in there with me. I love watching her follow me when I go somewhere else in the house. I think she knows the word "hungry." She whines in a certain way when she's hungry, and when I ask her if she's hungry, she makes the same sound.

I'm so thankful for our sweet little girl! I'm thankful for her health, for her strong body, for her happy personality, for her ability to go to sleep in her bed, for the long naps that she takes, for the way she makes us laugh, for the sweet sounds she makes, and for the funny things she does. Here's an example of a funny thing she did recently. Last Saturday Claire and I were at my Uncle Don's house for a large gathering. We were standing in a circle for the prayer. I put Claire down next to me moments before the prayer started. During the prayer, she crawled into the middle of the circle, and she razzed - loudly - all the way there. I was completely distracted by her, and I'm afraid a number of other people were, too.

I'm so thankful for our little family!

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for my bounteous, love-filled life. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband Jordan, for our sweet little girl, Claire, and for our other family members and friends.

Some simple things I'm thankful for:
Getting ready in the morning before Claire wakes up
Taking an afternoon nap
Checking the mail
Drinking freshly squeezed lemonade
Eating fresh, delicious fruit

And here are a few pictures from our day today:

{Does anyone know about the Spreckels Organ?}

the boys cooling off

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exploring the Grass

While at the capitol building, Ryan and Claire played in the grass -- sometimes {together} -- sometimes not. I had LOADS of fun taking these pictures!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Louisiana State Capitol Buliding

While Stephen, Mel, Kyle, and Ryan were here, we took a trip to the Louisiana State Capitol building.

Here are the dads with the kids in front of the tallest state capitol building in the United States.

There are 49 steps leading up to the capitol building, and each step has a state (or two) and the year it joined the United States on it. (The building was completed before Alaska and Hawaii joined the US, so those two states are both on the last step). I just HAD to get a picture by Texas. I LOVE Texas!!!!

And Texas and Florida were right next to each other, so Mel and I took a picture together.

Then we went up the tower to the observation deck, and here's the view of the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Claire having fun at the top.

Claire with the bridge over the Mississippi

A view of the statue of Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who had the vision of this building and was instrumental in getting legislation passed to have it built during the Great Depression. He was later assassinated here, and he is buried on the grounds.

Then we went back down and played in the grass. Kyle loved rolling down a little hill.

Some people played frisbee. Here, Jordan is looking at a frog.
Mel played with Ryan.

It was really nice to relax, play, and spend time together without thinking of what we had to do next or what I needed to get done. It was nice to just BE.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claire in the Hood

Claire in the hood. She didn't want to smile. (I guess you don't really do that in the hood). She just wanted to keep her lips pursed together.