Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Sprinkles for Claire!!!

Okay, it's more than three sprinkles! (More like 11 pounds!) But Claire is 3 today! And we had a sprinkles birthday party for her on Saturday with our family. And if you're wondering why sprinkles? It's because whenever I asked Claire what she wanted for her birthday, she always said cupcakes with icing and sprinkles!

Here's the spread of food!

The favors:

Some sprinkle balloons!

Some activities:


Present time! I think she's excited!

Claire and Ryan would both gasp when Claire opened a present. It was very cute! 

And Ryan was very interested in all the goods! 

Claire got her very own hamburger card! - Maybe it will become a staple at Ryan's house, too...

One last gift - Run for it!!!

All of the mobile cousins on our new castle at once! 

Time for cupcakes - I love this picture! 

Playing outside

Enjoying the party

(Or sleeping through the party!) 

After most people had left, Claire and Marcus were still outside playing. When I checked on them a bit later, I saw that Claire had come in, gotten her party favor, found the bag of Goldfish and M&M's in it, taken it outside, and was happily snacking away.

Happy third birthday, Claire! We love you!

Party Prep

Claire's birthday is today! And we had a "little family party" for her on Saturday. I say it like that because it was lots of work and because we had 20 people here, but it was lots of fun! The theme of the party was sprinkles, and here is some of the prep.

I need a flip book of these poses! 

Laura, Matt, Belton, Marshall, Jennifer, Marcus, and my parents all came into town on Friday night. We got Claire a little plastic playground thing for the backyard, but it wouldn't fit into our car, so my parents picked it up Friday after dinner. Jordan was on call Friday and didn't get home until 11:45, so my dad and Matt were awesome enough to volunteer to put it together for us. - Thank you!!!