Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Jordan is a concert-goer. Jordan’s entire family loves to go to concerts. And do they ever go! They’ve been to so, so many concerts. I’ve always happily passed (or not even been invited because they know I won’t want to go). But Coldplay was different. I like Coldplay. So I decided to go. We went with Stephen and Mel.

We went to The Melting Pot first. Thanks to some construction, ridiculous road blocks, and the Rangers playing the same night, there was crazy traffic. For a while we thought we weren’t going to make it before they started playing. So Stephen, Mel, and I got out of the car and left Jordan to find a parking space. Thankfully, we were able to check with a parking guy close by, and he had a spot for us! So Jordan was able to turn around in a weird place and make it to this parking space. (We paid a pretty price for it, but at least we were parked!) - And we had plenty of time before Coldplay started playing.

We had cool light-up bracelets that were timed with the music.

It was a spectacular show!

I think I hit the jackpot of concerts to attend. I don’t know that I need to go to another concert like this because, according to Jordan, this may have been the best one. I had a great time!

Monday, September 26, 2016

More College Station Time

Claire likes babies, right? Here she is with a big little guy!

 We celebrated McKinley’s birthday.

Happy birthday!

Dayton got a little silly.

And then he and I got a little silly together! :-)

Finally, Grandpa made some popcorn with his awesome popcorn machine!

Swimming, College Station Style

We visited College Station while Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Chris, Jameson, Aunt Liz, Uncle Jon, and McKinley were in town. So, with Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Mel, Uncle Stephen, Kyle, Ryan, and Evan, we were all there. We spent some fun time in the pool.

Uncle Bando threw the kids up in the air.

We took some cousin pictures.

Evan was up from his nap for these. (Jameson was still napping).

Little Dayt!

I love the progression of these next five pictures.

Hi Uncle Jon!

Ranger Game

Jordan scored some free tickets to a Rangers game, so we had a great date night! We enjoyed dinner before, we found a place to park for free, and we won all sorts of coupons for free food during the game because the Rangers kept scoring home runs at the right time! Also, it was actually cool that night, and the game went by really quickly. I love a great date night! - Because I love this guy!!!

We Love Braum’s!

We love living close to a Braum’s! We go there frequently. Sometimes, Jordan and I will go after the kids are in bed. Sometimes, one person will go and bring it home for each of us after the kids are in bed. Sometimes we go as a family and share a hot fudge sundae. Sometimes we go as a family, and Jordan and I each get what we want and share it with the kids. Sometimes we go as a family, and I get my own ice cream, and Jordan gets something to share with the kids. But any way it happens, we LOVE Braum’s!

We took some Braum’s selfies one day. (We had already eaten our ice cream!) We’re so silly! :-)

Baby Cousin!

Claire loves babies! It’s fun to spend time with a baby cousin!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweet and Silly

Dayton got this marshmallow sucker thing in nursery and loved it!

Selfie with the kids one night!

And I love this sweet picture of the kids. :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

July Birthdays

We celebrated Mom’s and Matt’s birthdays together, since they’re both in July.

Mom and Matt were feeling silly, it seems! :-)

Peter tickled these boys big time!

Again, they were silly!

Matt was waiting for some help from Belton.

We ate dinner, they opened presents, we had cake or bar cookies (or both), and we laughed! What a fun way to celebrate another year of life!