Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Astronaut Claire

When I picked up Claire from school one Friday, she was wearing an astronaut helmet on her head! She told us all about the tools hanging from her tool belt and about outer space, too.

Dad wanted to be an astronaut, too!

Lunch at School

Dayton and I brought Claire some Taco Bell for lunch one day at school. We loved it!

Leaf Pile

We didn’t get around to jumping in the leaves during the fall, but the beautiful January weather provided a great opportunity to gather leaves and jump in them during the winter. I’m glad Claire thought of gathering the leaves because the kids loved it, and I was practicing the piano while they were gathering. (I had lots and lots and lots of practicing to do). I was happy to come see the fun, though, too. :-)

The Crown

Claire came home from school one day with a crown for herself and a crown for Dayton. Claire wore hers a little bit, but Dayton wore his a lot. Then it broke, so Claire made him a new one. Dayton wore that one ALL the time! Seriously, it was always on his head. When he went to my friend’s house so I could rehearse with some orchestra students, he wore it over there. He always had it on. Cute!

Grandmom’s 90th Birthday!

Grandmom Griffin turned 90, and we had a party to celebrate! Lots of people were there, most of the family was there, and we had a great time honoring her!

Grandmom’s Friends:

Our Family:

Dayton and Lilly decided to go entertain themselves in a different room.

 Uncle Jordan somehow had lots of the kids around him. He must have been entertaining, too!

Grandmom Griffin has volunteered at the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) since 1978, I believe. She was their second volunteer. (And my other Grandmother, Lois Hervey, was their first volunteer! What a legacy of service from both of my grandmothers!) She still goes there once a week to volunteer. As a gift to Grandmom, her children and grandchildren created Emily’s Fund, which will be a perpetual fund to bless and help those in need.

The Grinch 2015

We continued our tradition of watching the Grinch and eating snacks as a family. Claire loves this movie!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dayton in Pajamas

I love these pajamas and this picture of Dayton!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hervey Christmas

We had a very happy, blessed Christmas. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.