Sunday, December 25, 2016

More Christmas!

After a yummy breakfast of sausage freezies and homemade cinnamon rolls, the rest of the family came over, (although we were missing Aaron and Kash), to open presents.

Some pre-game photos:

Lynnlie got to open the first gift of Christmas, since she’s the youngest. :-) 

Marcus found something good in there!

We enjoyed being together as we opened presents. Then we had a very untraditional lunch: pizza from Uno’s. Dad drove out to Ft. Worth a couple of days before Christmas to pick up some Uno’s pizza that we could heat up on Christmas Day. It was a nice way to have an easy meal! And it was delicious!

The last gift of the afternoon was a bow and some arrows for the kids. They really liked them! And since it was not cold - at all - we were able to play outside with them!

Merry Christmas! 

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