Thursday, December 29, 2016

We’re Going to the Zoo Tomorrow...

We got a family zoo membership for Christmas, so we went to the zoo the week after Christmas. It was nice and cold but not freezing, and the animals seemed pretty active. It was awesome!

These lemurs were friendly with each other for a while, but then two of them started “talking,” and it sounded like an argument!

This penguin followed Claire around a little bit, it seemed. That was pretty cool!

And she had a penguin on her shirt. Fun!

We went to an information session on the opossum, the only marsupial in North America.

We saw some action from the gorillas, too. Three male gorillas weren’t very happy with each other for some reason, it seemed. We even saw one bang on his chest.

We also went to an information session on a predator; it turns out the predator was a penguin, which eats about 1/3 of its body weight in food every day. Look out, fish!

The elephants were all walking around. Claire asked a zoo employee what elephants eat, and he was very kind as he answered. They talked about vegetables, sticks, bamboo, peanut butter, and even peanuts. (The elephants don’t get very much peanut butter, and they hardly ever get peanuts!)

Dayton was kind of in a bad mood for a while. His mood changed after we ate lunch, thankfully.

One of these giraffes was pacing back and forth.

We watched the baby chimpanzee climb on and off his mother’s back over and over as she walked around. That was fun to see!

The aviary was pretty calm compared to the last time I went to the zoo (in the spring). But I did notice this nice white bird.

I look forward to going to the zoo some more, (especially before it gets too hot!)

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